Thursday, 17 October 2013

Civics 101: How to micro manage a government into open revolt

First that Coalition power couple Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin sought to micro manage contact between government ministers, MPs and the media.

Then they decided to personally vet prospective staff of ministers and MPs.

Now these same ministers and MPs will even have their private leisure time constrained, unless they receive a permission slip for that family holiday from the Prime Minister's office.

The Herald Sun 16 October 2013:
The Prime Minister's chief-of-staff Peta Credlin emailed all Coalition MPs on Monday demanding they get approval at least four weeks before all overseas study trips, sponsored travel and private holidays.
But the move has triggered dissent in government ranks, with disgruntled MPs claiming their private lives are being invaded and the PM's office was indulging in a "power grab".
"It's one thing to ask ministers and parliamentary secretaries to seek permission but for backbenchers this is just ridiculous," one Coalition MP said.
"These people are adults, they can make their own decisions. More experienced hands will just laugh this Stalinist move off.".....
"This is the nanny state gone mad in the leader's office," the MP said.


ABC AM 18 October 2013:

After six years of hard work in opposition they say they're now expected to take on more responsibility, much more work, many more hours with far more scrutiny and pressure - all without a pay rise.
"It's an appalling way to treat people" one very senior Coalition source says. "Ministers get an automatic pay jump so they're alright. But financially cutting the throats of the staff they rely on is petty and stupid."...

one long-time Coalition staffer warns morale around Government ranks is "abysmal", and "resentment is festering". He predicts a bonanza for reporters because quote "the joint will leak like a sieve".

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