Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Climate change and a government in denial

While Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was busy telling the world: I accept that climate change is a reality. And I support policies that will be effective in reducing emissions, but I do think there is too much climate-change alarmism and that executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,Christiana Figueres was; talking through her hat.  

And Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt is accusing a BBC journalist of swearing by accurately quoting his prime minister and using crowd-sourced Wikipedia as a font of climate change science

A Federal Government department was being factually accurate and the national media was reminding the Abbott Government that former Coalition Prime Minister John Howard accepted the causal link between climate change and bushfire risk in 2006:

3.1.4 Altered fire regimes

Fire presents a major threat to reserved lands and their constituent species and ecosystems, but also to a wide variety of cultural heritage assets. Wildfire science is complex, and the pressures and impacts depend on a combination of management regimes and the responses of different plant groups.37 These factors will be affected by climate change, which will change the nature, intensity and frequency of fires.....

Andrew Darby in St Helens, Tasmania
December 14, 2006
THE Prime Minister, John Howard, last night embraced a key climate change forecast, warning Australians to prepare for more extreme weather events such as the current bushfires.
Visiting north-east Tasmania, he repeatedly made the point that the region was not normally associated with bushfires, and neither were they usually so common early in the summer.
On his last stop in St Helens, Mr Howard was asked if he accepted the scientists' predictions of more extreme weather events.
"Let me put it this way," he said. "I think the country should prepare for a continuation of what we are now experiencing … I think the likelihood of this going on is very strong."

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