Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Federal Coalition Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane - "this bloke is semi-literate" shill

The Australian Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane fails to impress one Northern Rivers resident.

The Northern Star letter to the editor, 30 September 2013:

Loud and clear
So now the game truly is on for the people of the Northern Rivers with Ian Macfarlane, probably the most deceitful schmuck since Howard, spruiking the CSG industry line of a pending gas shortage in NSW.
After pretending to show concern over the intrusions of miners onto our lands he has done the usual 360- degree belly flop and landed well and truly into the loving laps of the industry carpetbaggers, because carpetbaggers is what these people are.
Like those original carpetbaggers who went into the south of the US after the civil war, profiteering then leaving the place in an economic and ecological shambles, this is what Macfarlane is proposing for NSW.
On top of that he thinks he insults the people opposing this toxic industry by calling them all sorts of names, the latest being "anarchists".
It is obvious this bloke is semi-literate, like most of the LNP, in that he shows his ignorance when using this label.
The anarchists were a group who brought freedom, democracy and rights back into a society riddled with the types of self-serving shills as Macfarlane. The problem with Macfarlane is that like most people of his ilk he just cannot be told. Well let's tell him loud and clear. NO CSG IN THE NORTHERN RIVERS!
M Mizzi
Byron Bay

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