Monday, 28 October 2013

Federal Industry Minister demonstrates his contempt for Nationals MP Kevin Hogan

Liberal MP and Federal Industry  Minister Ian Macfarlane apparently wasn’t going to conceal his contempt for a fellow member of the Abbott Government and, unfortunately Page MP Kevin Hogan was obviously unable to find the courage to openly confront him in the media.

Northern Star 24 October 2013:

THE latest survey suggests Richmond Valley residents are against coal-seam gas, but that has not swayed Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane's support for the industry.
Yesterday Mr Macfarlane met with Northern Rivers stakeholders in Canberra including anti-CSG groups, farmers, local dairy and beef industry representatives, local MPs, and Metgasco chief executive Peter Henderson......
"The local member for Page, Kevin Hogan, said to me there were 7000 protesters at a protest - he has over 100,000 people in his electorate - that doesn't sound like a majority to me," Mr Macfarlane said....
Page MP Kevin Hogan said he was happy that all parties had the opportunity to have their say.

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