Sunday, 13 October 2013

Prime Minister Abbott decides to second guess the court and medical profession

The Telegraph on 4 October 2013 reported that Prime Minister Tony Abbott has decided to second guess the court and the medical profession with regard to an itinerant Australian citizen with a serious psychiatric disability:

Mr Abbott yesterday said government had to keep working with people to determine if they had some capacity to return to work.
He said he would seek advice on the case of Leon Ahern who won a case in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to keep receiving the pension indefinitely while on spiritual retreat in India.
Details of Mr Ahern's case were revealed by News Corp Australia this week.
The tribunal decided India "was home" to Mr Ahern who said attending spiritual teachings of Brahma Kumaris had allowed him to manage his schizophrenia.
He was permitted to claim the DSP indefinitely while living in India instead of being subject to a 13 week limit on claiming pensions while overseas.
"The question here is, is this guy legitimately entitled to a pension and he has got to be seriously incapacitated and that's the issue I think ought to be looked at here," Mr Abbott said....

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Anonymous said...

He should have simply said he was attending a wedding in India...