Thursday, 21 November 2013

President Yudhoyono tweets his displeasure and Prime Minister Abbott puts his foot in his own mouth yet again


Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono told the 4 million plus people following his Twitter account exactly what he thought of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

S. B. Yudhoyono ‏@SBYudhoyono
Since news broke reports of US & Australia tapping on many countries, including Indonesia, we have expressed our strong protest. *SBY*

S. B. Yudhoyono ‏@SBYudhoyono
Foreign Minister & gov. officials have taken effective diplomatic measures, while demanding clarification from the US & Australia. *SBY*

S. B. Yudhoyono ‏@SBYudhoyono
Today (18Nov) I instructed Minister Marty Natalegawa to recall Indonesia's ambassador to Australia. This is a firm diplomatic response.*SBY*

S. B. Yudhoyono ‏@SBYudhoyono
Indonesia also demands Australia for an official response, one that can be understood by the public, on the tapping on Indonesia. *SBY*

S. B. Yudhoyono ‏@SBYudhoyono
We will also review a number of bilateral cooperation agenda as a consequence of this hurtful action by Australia. *SBY*

S. B. Yudhoyono ‏@SBYudhoyono
These US & Australian actions have certainly damaged the strategic partnerships with Indonesia, as fellow democracies. *SBY*

S. B. Yudhoyono ‏@SBYudhoyono
I also regret the statement of Australian Prime Minister that belittled this tapping matter on Indonesia, without any remorse. *SBY*

On 19 November 2013 Prime Minister Abbott rose to his feet in the House of Representatives and added more fuel to the fire:

Mr ABBOTT (WarringahPrime Minister) (14:01): by leave—......I regard President Yudhoyono as a good friend of Australia—indeed, as one of the very best friends that we have anywhere in the world. That is why I sincerely regret any embarrassment that recent media reports have caused him.

The immediate Indonesian response was widely reported in the Jakarta Post and elsewhere:

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said on Tuesday that Australia not Indonesia should be embarrassed following the disclosure of a document suggesting that Australian spies had wiretapped the personal phones of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and First Lady Ani Yudhoyono.
"I don't get it. Why would the President of Indonesia be embarrassed?" Marty said in an exclusive interview with Channel News Asia.

By 21 November in a The Sydney Morning Herald article the outcome was becoming clearer, the situation having been moved along by hostile tweets from Abbott's political pollster and adviser, Mark Textor and unhelpful remarks by former Coalition Foreign Minister AlexanderDowner: 

The President spoke warmly of the relationship with Australia, but said he had ordered the suspension or review of several areas of co-operation, particularly on information sharing and the exchange of intelligence.
"I have also asked my military to temporarily stop the joint army and navy exercises and also to temporarily stop any co-ordinated military operations, the joint patrols,'' he said.
"As you know, the people-smuggling issue has troubled both Indonesia and Australia, so we have co-ordinated military operations or co-ordinated patrols in the ocean, but until this issue is all clear it will be stopped."...


sue said...

Wonder if Abbott will rise in parlt to comment on the latest media reports? Will he tell SBY its the media reporting those tweets abt SBY by the Abbott pollster, that is the problem.

John Fraser said...

And now Australia has the spectacle of Abbott's mate, Mark Textor, tweeting insulting comment about Indonesia's Foreign Minister.

Whenever someone thinks things cant get worse look to the Abbott government ..... they will make things worse every time.

"Murdoch and Abbott lied to Australians".

John Fraser said...

Another informative article from North Coast Voices.