Saturday, 7 December 2013

Jenna Cairney retires as Editor of The Daily Examiner

Jenna taking a break from preparing for 
the removal van on 27 November 2013

North Coast Voices wishes retiring The Daily Examiner Editor, Jenna Cairney, all the best as she professionally advances to deputy editor of the respected national masthead The Land established in 1911 and widely read by four generations of Australian farming families.
Her interest in and enthusiasm for the Clarence Valley was always appreciated.
I’m sure valley residents look forward to incoming editor, APN News & Media Northern Rivers chief sub-editor and Woolgoolga resident David Moase, sharing that same interest and enthusiasm.
Jenna on Page 7 of The Daily Examiner, 7 December 2013:

It's been a grand ride

THE first five things I thought on arriving in the Valley were:
The Pacific Hwy sucks.
Is this Grafton? Ah no, it's South Grafton. Now how the Hell do I get to Grafton?
The internet on my phone is so, so slow.
Now, that's a river.
Yamba = paradise.
I wonder what will go through my mind as I drive out over the bendy bridge on Wednesday.
You see, this is my final editorial for The Daily Examiner.
I'm off to work as deputy editor for The Land, based in Richmond, west of Sydney.
I guess one of the first things I'll think about will be Grafton Jail. The community response over its closing was something I'd never witnessed. I've never been so proud to stand side by side with my fellow residents and fight for a cause. That experience still gives me goosebumps and it will live with me forever.
A jail was probably one of the last things I ever thought I'd think about.
I'll think about how, as I toddled down my path like a kid on her first day of school, a neighbour pounced: "You're the new editor of The Examiner - I read your editorial today ..." then gave me a critique of my writing and The DEX.
"Wow, they certainly read this paper," I thought.
And I wasn't wrong.
Every word, every slip-up and, of course, every time we got it right, there was a visitor, a phone call or an email.
So, I'll think about how much one region cares about its daily paper and about how privileged I was to sit in the driver's seat.
I'll think of the people I've met and, in particular, the impressive pool of talented and passionate people who work at The Daily Examiner.
Despite massive changes, in the face of big breaking news and even in the everyday humdrum, they've (more often that not) had a smile on their face, a spring in their step but, most of all, fire in their belly.
Because of that team we've been able to achieve some amazing feats - APN Newspaper of the year and the finals of PANPA. But most importantly, we have continued to be the voice of the Valley and to stand up for things that matter.
Now it's time to warmly welcome the new editor, David Moase, whom you will meet on Monday and who brings bucketloads of experience and talent.
Having worked with David in his capacity as chief sub editor of Northern New South Wales, I can attest to his professionalism and quality of his work. He's a worthy leader for such a dedicated team.
Lastly, as I head over that bendy bridge come Wednesday arvy, I'll think:
Please let me find my way back here one day. The Clarence Valley: God's Country.

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