Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Will the Abbott Government's headlong rush towards the TPP treaty result in Australia having permanent status as a minor client state?

There is a very important reason why Choice has positioned this advertisement in the national newspaper The Australian on 5 December 2013 - and that is this country's legal status as an democratic, autonomous sovereign state.

Choice has this petition online:

Dear Minister, 

We are concerned with the lack of transparency in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, and are calling on the federal government to release the text. 

We do not believe that the TPP should restrict the Australian Government’s ability to make decisions on public health, food labelling, energy and copyright. 

Consumers and the general public have the right to know what is on the table in the TPP. 
Please bring us to the table and release the text to the TPP before it is signed. 

Yours sincerely,

You can sign choices petition here.

The neo-conservative Abbott open for business Government's spin on the secretive TPP in 2013:

TPP Meetings 19-24 November 2013, Salt Lake City
Chief negotiators for the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement countries have reported significant progress after six days of intensive meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Working with key subject-matter experts, the lead TPP negotiators resolved a substantial number of outstanding issues, including with regard to intellectual property, cross-border trade in services, temporary entry, environment, market access, state-owned enterprises, investment, financial services, sanitary and phytosanitary issues, government procurement, labour, e-commerce, legal issues, technical barriers to trade and rules of origin.
The work of the chief negotiators this week has significantly narrowed the number of issues to be addressed directly by the TPP Ministers at their upcoming meeting in Singapore.
Discussions among TPP negotiators will continue in the coming days to further set the stage for a productive meeting among the TPP Ministers on 7-10 December 2013.

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