Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cabs for hire?

While not quite being in the same league as John Mortimer of Rumpole of the Bailey fame, Aussie barrister Stuart Littlemore has shown he's more than just a pretty face with a clever way with the spoken word.

The third in Littlemore's Harry Curry series, Harry Curry: Rats and Mice, is as good as the first two instalments, The Harry Curry Collection and Harry Curry: The Murder Book.

However, readers must be disappointed with publisher Harper Collins declaring Rats and Mice is Littlemore's final instalment in the Harry Curry series. 

This reader was hoping Harry Curry's partner and mother of their child, Arabella Engineer, who has made exceptional progress in her career inthe legal profession was part of the legal team at the NSW ICAC when former, and disgraced, NSW MP Eddie Obeid and his associates were making their many appearances. That, especially the behind-the-scenes bits, sure would have made for interesting reading

A few of this reader's favourite snippets from Rats and Mice are:

(Harry's) mood when he got off the plane was not good. He clipped another car's mudguard backing the Landcruiser out of its parking space, but pretended he hadn't noticed.

David Surrey (Harry's instructing solicitor): I've volunteered to take the Legal Aid list ... A week or so of rats and mice, probably mostly guilty pleas. You just have to roll your arm over.  ...

... running inferior cases for inferior suburban solicitors who have yet to learn the fundamental rule of litigation: never believe your client.

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