Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Clarence Valley youth rock!

Letter to the editor in The Daily Examiner 25 January 2014:

Positive youth models
In the light of all the recent media comments regarding young people's behaviour and 'coward's punches', let's remind ourselves of the positive behaviours of most young people.
In Grafton, on December 21, an estimated 1200 young people gathered together from lunchtime onwards throughout Grafton; all ending up at the Grafton Racecourse for the ninth annual Santa Crawl.
These young people were all enjoying themselves, having fun with their friends, listening to music, dancing and, yes, drinking.
There were no violent incidences - no fights, no aggression, nobody hurt.
Following this event there was $12,000 quietly donated to Vinnies - the total proceeds of that one event - what a fabulous result.
So in this current climate, it's important to reflect and acknowledge that the majority of young people do behave as this group did at the Santa Crawl - having fun, drinking responsibly and respecting others, while at the same time being generous and thoughtful to those less fortunate than themselves.
Well done the young people of Clarence Valley and beyond, who attended and contributed to this event.
Hats off and congratulations to the young people who continue to organise this event each year and who are as proud of their record of holding a peaceful event as they are of the significant donation they make to a local charity.
Sue McKimm

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