Sunday, 12 January 2014

NSW Shooters and Fishers Party brags online about weakening state gun laws

The NSW Shooters and Fishers Party intends to contest the 2015 state elections.

This is the damage this fringe group has done so far:

* The introduction of a new management plan for a NSW Marine Estate
* The Game Council of NSW now has access to over 4 million acres across the State
* Introduced legislation to make "Try Shooting" easier for everyone
* Changed the rules regarding purchase of a second firearm
* Shooting clubs have received $6.5 million under the MACOSC Grants Scheme
* Introduced a moratorium on the creation and expansion of Marine Parks until an independent scientific review is completed
* We will negotiate further amendments to the Firearms Act to remove unnecessary red tape
* Expand the successful Game Council Feral Animal Control Program to National Parks
and more

This is the damage the party intends if its sitting members are re-elected in 2015:

* Ensure the NSW Department of Education and Training recognise Shooting and Fishing as
'appropriate' cultural activities and sports for all public schools.

* Re-assign the compliance and enforcement functions for animal welfare matters from charitable
organisations to a relevant Government agency.

* We will respect the cultural activities of Hunting and Fishing by having them enshrined in NSW
Law. We will propose a Bill that will recognise the fundamental importance of these activities to
the well being of our society.

* We will oppose all government legislation that seeks to support the removal of the significant
social advantages that cheap coal offers NSW.

* We will propose a Bill to abolish Ethics classes in NSW public schools.

* We will support moves to remove the trial Homophobia education program being run in the NSW

* We will move to review Department of Education procedures for staff acquisition and curriculum

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