Saturday, 11 January 2014

Reviews of "Thoughts from the Lunar Right" (aka "The Conservative Revolution ")

It seems the masses are not exactly queueing up to purchase Senator Bernadi's book. 

Perhaps reviews like those below explain why.

Dorothy Parker wrote:
This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force. Will be a welcome addition to any bookstore's remainder bin. 

The thoughts of Joshua MacLennan:
 From the front bench to the back bench, they're funny, they're thick, they are the Liberals! One man's lonely fight against everything since the Enlightenment. Lurching from one piece of buffoonery to another, Corey proves yet again he is not fit for the 21st century. So shrill you can hear the lump of coal in is butt being converted to a diamond.

Tim Bell had this to say:
Let me be upfront from the start: I didn't buy this book.

It's only 178 pages long, and at the current price of just under $27, it's quite expensive as well. So already one's expectations are for a good quality product, given that it costs over 15 cents per page (or 30 cents per sheet, in other words).

Just for comparison, my local Woolworths has toilet paper on sale for 20 cents per ONE HUNDRED sheets, or less than 1% the price per sheet of this book!!

As I confessed at the start, I haven't actually bought this book, so I just have to assume that it's printed on the same kind of paper that most paperbacks are printed on. If you're like me, and have occasionally wiped your nether regions with a sheet of an old Agatha Christie murder mystery, or maybe a Deepak Chopra self-help title, you know that it's a poor substitute for a good-quality piece of toilet tissue. So, without any evidence or claims to the contrary, I have to assume that this paperback is the same, with rough, untextured and single-ply pages that irritate, and (let's be honest) don't actually do as good a job at wiping as proper toilet tissue.

So that's really all there is to it: it's overpriced, and inferior to competing products, so why would you buy it? The Kleenex and Scott products are much better value for money, more effective, and so much more pleasant to use

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