Wednesday, 26 February 2014

First home-grown dumb idea of the year

The Daily Examiner on 24 February 2014 at Page 1:

Welcome to the Green Coast, home to a host of natural wonders and winding rivers.
Where is the Green Coast you ask?
It could be right here, if NSW Business Chamber's Northern Rivers regional manager John Murray's proposal to re-name the Northern Rivers region gains traction.


Ursula Tunks said...

Goodness me! I hope there going to oppose with all their might the mining off CSG in our region! How can they possible even consider re-naming us as the 'green coast' when the threat of CSG wells doted across our homeland is hanging over us like a deadly fog :-(

Ursula Tunks said...

oopsie ... a couple of grammatical errors! I must have been passion typing. Firstly 'they're going to oppose' and secondly 'possibly even consider ...'