Thursday, 13 February 2014

Kevin Hogan MP is fooling himself, not the electorate

Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan appears to be having a bet each way when it comes to the subject of coal seam gas (CSG).

Last year when he wanted to be elected to the Federal Parliament he expressed his concerns about the gas industry and he even went to a rally as the local member in November 2013.

For most of 2014 he had nothing to say publicly about coal seam gas exploration and mining in his electorate and is said to be 'ducking and diving' when approached by the media.

However, he has apparently been sending out emails to some Northern Rivers voters, reminding them of a YouTube clip he has re-labelled the Kevin Hogan Kyogle Rally.

It doesn't count, Kevin, unless you stand up very publicly and push your local communities' interests all through this year on the floor of the House, in party meetings and in the media. 

A private email is a bit like hissing a furtive Pssst! from behind the door.

Hogan is such a craven political coward that he is waiting until after the federal taskforce (which is intending to put pressure on Northern Rivers communities to accept the gas industry) is actually on its way north before he makes his 'gesture' in support of his electorate.

Rural Weekly 10 February 2014:

PAGE MP Kevin Hogan said he is waiting for the announcement of the federal government's CSG taskforce before commenting further on it.
"When the taskforce is formally announced I will use it as an opportunity to express the strong concerns the Page community and I have about coal seam gas in the electorate," he said.
Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane acknowledged last week that he is working on the make-up and role of a taskforce to speed up coal seam gas development projects in New South Wales, despite the fact it is a state government responsibility.
Again Kevin, you are fooling no-one but yourself. Pathetic. An effective local MP would have stopped this taskforce in its tracks before now.

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