Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Lies Abbott Tells - Part Eleven


We want to protect workers' pay and conditions..... We want to see the take home wages of Australian workers increase......Under our policy, no Australian worker will be worse off......
[Tony Abbott quoted at news.com.au, 9 May 2013]

I do not begrudge any Australian worker his or her wage. I want the Australian worker to be better paid all the time.
[Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the floor of the House of Representatives, Hansard 11 February 2014]


Mr Abbott said on Monday penalty rates may be costing jobs and suggested a Coalition government could voice its support for particular cases brought before the Fair Work Commission.
''I think the best way forward, at least initially, is to try to ensure that the award situation does maximise employment, and at the moment we are not maximising employment by closing down businesses and preventing people from getting jobs,'' he said at a community forum in South Australia on Monday.
''I am confident that if the government were to back, for argument's sake, applications to the Fair Work Commission for adjustments in this area it may well be successful.'' [The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 April 2014 2013]

Abbott Government's Submission To Fair Work Commission 4 Yearly Review Of Modern Awards on 3 February 2014 in which it questions existing minimum terms and conditions in modern awards, the inclusion of penalty rates in any new awards and the basis for the minimum wage.


robbo said...

As you seem to have a copy of 30th April 2014 SMH, would you please also note the names of any good priced winners published in that edition.

clarencegirl said...

Try Archer, Carbine and Tulloch :-D