Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Don't mention the funding cuts!

ABC News: At the campaign launch in South Perth on 11 March 2014

It was a case of don't mention the funding cuts or the Commission of Audit 900-page interim report currently sitting on his Canberra desk. As pressing the carbon and mining tax buttons in a mercifully brief, but virtually policy-free speech, Prime Minister Tony Abbott launched the 5 April 2014 West Australia senate election Liberal Party campaign:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I’m here to officially open the Liberal campaign for the Western Australian Senate by-election which we are having because of the ineptitude of the Electoral Commission.
I can understand the frustration of Western Australians of having to go to the polls yet again, but this is a chance for the people of Western Australia to vote for a strong team – for a strong team – that will give a fair deal to the people of Western Australia.
We’ve got a strong team and they will vote in the Senate, should they be elected, for a fair deal, a better deal for the people of Western Australia.
That’s what this is all about – voting for people who will be a strong team and will give the people of Western Australia a fair deal in the Senate.
Now, it’s very important – very, very important – that we get rid of anti-Western Australian taxes and the mining tax and the carbon tax are anti-Western Australian taxes.
That’s what they are. They’re anti-Western Australian taxes and they are only there still because the Labor Party and the Greens, voting together as they always do, have voted to keep them.
The question for Labor Party representatives in this state at this time is why are you voting in the Senate to keep the carbon tax and to keep the mining tax even though these are anti-Western Australian taxes?
That question should echo right around this state. Whenever you see a Labor politician – why are you voting to keep on this great state of Western Australia the mining tax and the carbon tax that are so damaging to this state and which are so obviously anti-Western Australian taxes?
So, it really is very simple and very clear cut – if you want a strong team that will do the right thing by Western Australia you have got to vote for the Liberal Party. You have got to vote for Coalition candidates. I have got great Coalition candidates in David Johnston, in Michaelia Cash, in Linda Reynolds and in Slade Brockman. I am very proud of them and we are a strong united team, as the presence of the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann and also Steve Irons the local member for Swan demonstrates today.
So, it is good to be here and it is good to officially open this campaign to do the right thing by the people of Western Australia with this strong team.
Thank you.

While elsewhere on the West Australia campaign trail Abbott is told you are scum.

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