Tuesday, 1 April 2014

APRIL 2014: Metgasco Limited versus The People of the Northern Rivers

Coal seam gas exploration, mining and wannabe production company Metgasco Limited may be setting up a temporary village - at 1480 Bentley Road, Bentley where the absentee landlords R.J, P.J & S.A Graham of 16 Koonorigan Road, Goolmangar NSW, have given permission for drilling to occur on their land - and this village has permission for removable accommodation, sanitary, ablutions and dining facilities as well as being potentially kitted out with a liquor bar. However, the good people of the Northern Rivers (with a few simple amenities allowed by local government) have massed to fight against the establishment of unconventional gas fields in the region.

The protesters camp courtesy of @1EarthMedia:

On 31 March 2014 Cowra Community News reported:

More than 2000 people have joined residents in the Northern Rivers region this morning (Monday) to oppose drilling by gas miner Metgasco, says anti-coal seam gas (CSG) alliance Lock the Gate.
The company is undertaking an exploration well at Bentley, west of Lismore, that will target tight sands gas, the group says.
Tight sands gas uses unconventional extraction methods like those used to extract CSG, and involves large numbers of wells, extensive infrastructure, and “risky fracking processes”.
“We are here at this blockade to try to protect the valuable farmland and quiet rural lifestyle that we value so much from invasive gasfields,” Bentley resident Liz Stops says in a statement.
“In a survey undertaken in our local area, 84.5 per cent of 266 residents said that they do not want to live in a gasfield.
“The property owner where the drilling is scheduled to occur does not even live here.
“It is the rest of us whose home it is who will have to live with the consequences of this industry,” says Ms Stops....

Bentley protesters from @LockTheGate:

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John Fraser said...


Its not just the people of the Northern Rivers who are at war with the miners and Corporations.

All Australians are at war with them and the moron Abbott, who is the spokesperson for the Corporations.

"Murdoch and Abbott lied to Australians".

And continue to do it on a daily basis.