Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Is the truth about Metgasco accidentally emerging?

Pro-coal seam gas farmer and former Lismore City Councillor Peter Graham says the rural property he and his family own (but do not reside on) at 1480 Bentley Road, Bentley NSW, is 700 acres carrying approximately 300 breeders and that stock is a mix of beef & dairy cattle.

On 5 April 2014 Peter Graham told 2UE Sydney radio hosts George & Paul that Metgasco Limited is paying him “a pittance” for entry and drilling rights on this property.

On 6 April the peak lobbying body for companies such as Metgasco, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, issued a media release calling for a lowering of wages and conditions for workers in the gas industry and a lessening of regulations for bringing foreign workers into the country.

Metgasco is a small player in the coal seam and tight gas industry, with a staff of less than 30 employees and no commercially active production wells to date.

It would seem that even the limited financial benefit it might possibly bring to the region by way of local employment or royalty payments to landowners, is highly likely to be a lot less than the alleged billions it was spruiking to state and local governments two years ago.

Metgasco literature describes the Rosella 01 drill site at Bentley as a conventional gas site. However, in the past Metgasco has admitted that the sands may not free-flow and that fracking may be required.

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