Thursday, 17 April 2014

Job Search advertisement for Australian Minister for Women 13 April 2014

When a citizen becomes desperate for quality political representation the oddest things can happen.

Like this ……

Snapshot of mock ad placed with Job Search at and published online 13 April 2014


We invite you to apply to be Australia's next Minister for Women.
Essential criteria:
- The candidate must recognise herself as female. 
Whilst we acknowledge that men and women have the right to apply for any job they like, we are respectfully declining applications from men based on their lack of experience in being a woman. 
Any men who legitimately identify themselves as female are quite welcome to apply.
About the role
- The Minister for Women will consult with her fellow cabinet ministers on policies that  affect the status, health, welfare and equality of all women in Australian society.
- She will build up a deep understanding of the current state of women's affairs by forging links with prominent bodies and groups that are focussed on promoting women's access to all parts of society.  
-  The minister will be expected to maintain a high profile and engage with her constituents on a regular basis. In order to engage with women most effectively, the role will demand frequent travel to all parts of Australia.
Candidates with any of the following attributes are encouraged to apply:
- Ability to juggle motherhood with a full time job
- Discontentedness with receiving a lower pay rate than equivalent male counterparts
- A history of objecting to sexist or demeaning remarks
- Severe repulsion at media stereotyping of gender roles
- A willingness to work alongside other women in Parliament

13 Apr 2014
Location: ACT
Salary: $150k+ plus super
Work type: Full Time
Classification: Government & Defence  Government - Federal


Given that the then Opposition Leader and now current Minister for Women, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, obviously had to be restrained when passing one particular woman in the workplace, is it any wonder that this mock ad was created?

Found at @KieraGorden

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