Monday, 7 April 2014

Metgasco Limited refuses to enter deal regarding farmers right to say no

Echo NetDaily 4 April 2014:

Gas mining company Metgasco has thumbed its nose at farmers on the north coast by refusing to sign up to a deal recognising their rights to reject drilling on their properties.
Fairfax Media reported this morning that Metgasco had refused to rule out forcing itself onto private land in future.
The revelation is bound to incense anti-coal seam gas (CSG) campaigners on the northern rivers, who are preparing to disrupt Metgasco’s gas drilling operation at Bentley near Lismore, expected to start any day now.
Energy giants Santos and AGL and farming groups last week agreed to a deal, announced by the NSW government, recognising the right of landholders to reject or allow CSG exploration and production on their properties.
Fairfax Media reported that Metgasco was among a group of companies invited to take part in the deal; however, it and others declined to sign up.
Metgasco chief executive Peter Henderson told the media group that the present system ‘serves us well’…..

The Bentley area which is currently the focus of Metgasco's drilling activities:

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Anonymous said...

Look like my backyard only 6 Csg wells and passive 6digit income

John Fraser said...


People are beginning to know how Australia's First People felt when mining companies walked all over them.

And once again its Australia's elected government allowing it to happen.

My suggestion would be to get as many people as possible to write to the Local, State and Federal M.P.s and tell them you will be voting Green at the next elections.

Watch them sit up and take notice then.

Anonymous said...

Time to stock up on ammo guys, and get a few 'Trespassers will be SHOT' signs.