Saturday, 5 April 2014

One of the sand flies inhabiting The Daily Examiner letters column gets swatted by Clarence Valley photographer Debrah Novak

Letter to the Editor in The Daily Examiner on 1 April 2014:

THE editorial by Deb Novak in Saturday's edition of DEX (29/03) gave food for thought.
In fact, it looked very much to me as though Ms Novak was making a pitch to the Clarence Valley electorate.
I am aware of a rumour that Ms Novak intends to contest a place in the next CVC elections.
If this is so, then Ms Novak should be required to declare her intentions and pay for any self-promoting material she produces for the local press.
Publishing such editorials in the local newspaper while employed by that newspaper is quite unacceptable.
Thomas Macindoe

Note: Rumours are just rumours on this one. Debrah has declared she has no intention of running in the next Clarence Valley Council election. In her words: "As a proactive member of the CVC community for 30 years I have never needed politics to raise my voice or step up for my community."

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