Saturday, 5 April 2014

STOP THE PRESS: Yamba has an airport!

This is what happens when a regional newspaper fails to keep its journalists moving around the the area it circulates and, becomes locked into a city focus.

Its deputy-editor apparently decides that the relatively small coastal village of Yamba, bounded on three sides by ocean and river with one road into town, has an airport.

the people won't come when they can drive a relatively short distance to either Yamba or Coffs Harbour and get competitively priced flights with more convenient flight times. [The Daily Examiner, 5 April 2014, p. 11]

* Hat tip to the eagle-eyed Clarrie Rivers who spotted this blooper gem. 

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John Fraser said...



Now can you help find Flight MH370, according to the moron in The Lodge there is "credible information" that it is somewhere of Perth (rubbish notwithstanding).

And while people are looking could you please try to locate Australia's "First Lady" .... absolutely no sign of Margie Abbott for weeks on end .... after giving such a sterling performance at election time.

Calling Margie ... come in Margie ..... are you there Margie ?