Sunday, 13 April 2014

Waiting for the May 2014 Federal Budget: laughter before the tears

En Passant 8 April 2013:

The Abbott government has decided to privatise the air.
‘This will create the conditions for a much more efficient economy,’ Mr Abbott said. ‘Too much short shallow breathing has upset the natural rhythms of the economy and with air in the hands of private enterprise a thousands flowers will blossom, or not,’ he added.
Mr Abbott said that the privatisation would also contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions as people slowed and deepened (but not too much) their breathing.
‘This is a win win for Australia,’ Mr Abbott said. ‘It is about environmental benefits, more jobs, less waste.’
‘What could be more natural than us paying Gina Rinehart or Rupert Murdoch for the privilege to breathe free market air?’ the Prime Minister asked.
‘Only socialists and off with the fairies Greenies support free air,’ Mr Abbott said, and added  ’just as there is no such thing as a free lunch, so there is no such thing as free air.’
‘We all have to breath together on this,’ the Treasurer, Joe Hockey said. ‘For too long the ideology of entitlement has blinded us to the reality that free air is a burden on the economy and holding us back. ‘….

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