Saturday, 19 April 2014

When South East Queensland Floods.......

The Dogs Swam Out The Window

The rain came down for weeks on end
We thought it would never stop
The river was over, the road was gone
Under a lake of flood
When the water came in and we had to move
To somewhere on higher ground
A friend offered a hand and the whole town accepted
With kit and belongings in tow
Before we left in the dinghy stacked high
We secured the dogs in the shed on the hill
And hoped they be safe there and dry
The whole district huddled
In one little house on the highest hill
And we sat there all looking out
As the rain just kept coming for days and days still
And the water crept slowly up this our last hill
As you can imagine an Ark was discussed
Children just played in the onrushing gush
Oblivious to worries that had their elders flushed
And as the water lapped the verandah
And we thought swimming, our last dance
The clouds suddenly parted
The storms broke just by chance
And the dogs swam out the window

Reprinted with the kind permission of Vincent J Wight

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