Monday, 26 May 2014

Metgasco "just too stupid to help"

Like many other people across the NSW Northern Rivers region, one The Northern Star letters correspondent, Linda Woodrow, thinks that coal seam and tight gas miner Metgasco Limited has lost the plot:
Metgasco owes us
RE Metgasco seeking compensation (NS17/5): I would suggest that Metgasco owes me compensation.
For years we have been doing our level best to save them from themselves.
We have surveyed neighbourhoods door to door. We have held rallies and public meetings. We have written letters to them and to politicians. We have collected signatures on petitions. We have donated prizes and sold tickets in raffles to raise money.
We have hosted scientific and health experts and visiting speakers with firsthand experience from the Queensland and US gasfields. We have written blogs and Facebook pages. We have filmed their breaches. We have stood outside Mr George's electoral office every single week attempting to get him to represent us. We have stood outside the Casino Metgasco office with Honk for no CSG signs, just so they could hear the vast majority of passing traffic honk. And finally, we've been forced to spend weeks camped in a paddock.
Just considering me alone, I have lost countless days of paid work, trying to get the message through to them before they wasted all their shareholders' capital. Some people are just too stupid to help.
Linda Woodrow

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