Saturday, 31 May 2014

Moggy Musings [Archived material from Boy the Wonder Cat]

A mixed opinions musing: The battle of the legal opinions found in Clarence Valley Council’s May 2014 monthly meeting business paper & minutes has caused some comment in the valley. One local with a legal background who contacted Clarencegirl has formed an opinion that the administrative arm of council was denying natural justice” when it recommended this change to the Privacy Management Plan: ‘Council is exempt from complying with this Principle (6) in situations where compliance is reasonably likely to detrimentally affect Council’s conduct of an investigation’.
Some others are just glad that the tussle over who controls formation of council policy – management or the nine elected councillors – for once is out in the open. Me? As one of many moggies living in the valley, I’m glad all I have to worry about is whether fresh fish will be on the menu today!

A troubled musing: Will social housing providers on the NSW North Coast evict tenants who are under thirty, lose their jobs and cannot get income support for up to six months?

A Eureka Moment musing: It was not a relaxed wake-up this morning. My two legs sat straight up in bed with “That’s it!” on her lips. Seems she thinks that perhaps the reason why Clarence Valley Council was so eager to settle Wayne Smith v Clarence Valley Council out-of-court in December 2013 was the possibility that the investigation report mentioned here would form part of the evidence presented.

An OMG musing: Look who has turned up again. Federal Court of Australia, Wednesday 21 May 2014 Law Courts Building Sydney (P) ACD24/2007 PETER JAMES SPENCER v THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA & ANOR.

A perturbed feline musing: My servant’s calculator fascinates me – because the shiny numbers often make her say a bad word. This week I found out what some of those bad words were about. Apparently there’s a dog called “Bluddy Abbott” who is going to make us do without to increase the number of $$$ he hoards to buy bones – except that in four years’ time he will only have as many bones as he has today and will still owe the butcher heaps of money.

An he thinks voters are stoopid musing: Tamara the Tabby's owner says you can tell a state election is less than 12 months away. The sleeping bewdy of NSW politics, Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis, has finally woken up and is peppering the media with suddenly discovered concerns such as this: Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis hopes his senior NSW Government colleagues will go one step further and cancel Metgasco's PEL16 following yesterday's temporary suspension of the company's petroleum licence.

A jungle drums musing: Rumour winging its way north from Sydney is saying that Craigh Jeremy McNeill v State of New South Wales (NSW Police Force) has abruptly ended. So is this finally the end of the Yamba Riot saga?

A money musing: As the coffee was poured and tidbits from the tea table came my way, I was listening intently to the hoomins in my family discussing the fact that since July 2011 Clarence Valley Council has attracted over $749k in legal expenses of various kinds. Of course lots of this money was probably paid out by council’s insurer and some of it would have been recovered as part of court judgments – but there’s no getting away from the fact that council apparently spent a cool $14.9k investigating one of its own.

A political donation musing: A NSW North Coast politician only had one registered donor in 2007. So it’s rather surprising to find that this donor, who apparently gave no other candidate a donation in that year, could mess up his declaration so badly. The declaration appears to have the wrong ABN number for the company listed as the donor and, the candidate is also listed as belonging to a party for which he did not stand at any election to date.

A muddying the waters musing: Troy Anderson, Clarence Valley Council's works and civil director, told The Daily Examiner in May 2014 that; people experiencing water discolouration should run their taps until the water cleared. Yarz, I can just see locals running taps for 30 minutes or more non-stop when council's base water consumption rate is$1.57 per Kl.

A chortle chortle musing: I was having a quiet nap when the sounds of mirth woke me. My two-legs was amused by the fact that Clarence Valley Council's general manager apparently takes umbrage if a resident or ratepayer dares to send correspondence addressed to him to the email address officially assigned to him, What's next I wonder?  Greensill is the gift that just keeps on giving.

A worried moggies and doggies musing: If in two and a half years’ time Tony Abbott intends to do as he is promising now and so leave pensions lagging behind the true cost of living, how many of our hoomins are going to be able to afford our food and vet bills?


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