Friday, 2 May 2014

Moggy Musings (Archived material from Boy the Wonder Cat)

An it has to be cheap but does it need to be nasty? musing: Hearing that social housing provider North Coast Community Housing Co is laying new and necessarily cheap carpets in some of its rental premises. The colour schemes are the darkest of grey possible before black intervenes, a dark brown that cannot possibly go any deeper on the dye spectrum and something that can only be described as the hue of poo - apparently the company thinks the poor have no taste and should live with such affronts to the eye and interior house wall colours.

A Bazza musing: It was hard to cadge a treat from the two-legs last Wednesday as everyone was talkin' bout that Barry O'Farrell resigning as NSW Premier. I don't have any questions about that wine bottle - what I want to know is why in 2011 after years and years in politics the man didn't own even one square foot of house or land according to his member's declaration.

A swear box musing: I'm in trouble. I have to meow a hundred times, "I shall not call Operation Sovereign Borders Operation Stupid B@stards and then yammer hysterically". What? Cats can't have a sense of humour?

An SPC Sunday musing: I'm a cat so I don't eat much fruit, but the Blues Brothers budgies (who are into all sorts of fruit 'n' veg) tell me that SPC Sunday is going off with a bang and lotsa two legs are buying SPC Ardmona products and telling the world about it today. Over at Twitter on #SPCardmona they are jumping out of their skins and folks at SPC Sunday on Facebook are happily getting into the mood as well.

A rumour has it musing: Whispers are doing the rounds in the first few days of February 2014 that David Bancroft, a former The Daily Examiner editor and later an editor of the Rural Weekly, is taking a position as Clarence Valley Council's media/public relations spokesperson. In-ter-esting....

A fractured history musing: On 1 February 2014 The Northern Star confirmed what many have suspected. Clarence Valley Council has been allowing local government paper records to rot in a paddock for years -When the NSW Land and Environment Court called for the documents to be made available, the Crown solicitor was told "they must be with the Clarence Valley Council". He was later referred to the Coffs Harbour Council but eventually it was discovered that the majority of documents obtained from the former Ulmarra council were "housed in a shipping container in a paddock" and the Clarence council believed it "would be a big job to try and access the shipping container because it is full". Justice Craig admitted he was left to "guess" what some of the documents might have contained.

A karma musing: Maclean Court House, 9.30 am 12 February 2014,NSW Police v Geoffrey William Leviny, Case Number 201300148044,LC Sentence.

A spam is getting sillier by the minute musing: This email caused a hoot of laughter from the two legs in my house - Happy New Year! 800,000 Pounds sterling has been awarded to you from my wife & I. Kindly reply with your Name, Address, Phone Number for details of prize if you are interested. Adrian.

A she saw red musing: If there is one thing a house going paperless hates it's junk mail so She really was annoyed enough to say a sweary word when telling me the tale.
What if people don't want to receive advertising material and have a "no junk mail" sign on their letterbox? Putting mail into these people's letterboxes is not against the law but it is against the distribution industry's Code of Practice. Distributors should respect people's wishes not to receive this material.
Unfortunately one new local business is choosing to ignore this advice and when the person distributing its advertising was challenged by my owner he asserted that the unwanted advert was not junk mail. Well, in all likelihood he is acting informally and not covered by any industry code of practice. But I think the letterbox stuffer was probably the CCW owner – so he made a bad business decision that day.

A grinning from ear-to-ear musing: My human came home today all cock-a-hoop. A group of young lads from north of the Rio Tweed (who read this blog) brought the Administrator of North Coast Voices her very first mobile 'phone. I can't wait to see her learn how to drive the thing. Bet she falls over furniture, trips over apps and crashes into walls!

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