Friday, 23 May 2014

So you think gas exploration in the NSW Northern Rivers region is conducted in a safe and environmentally sustainable way?

The CSG industry uses international standards and is highly regulated
CSG operations will not threaten water supplies
Metgasco is committed to conducting all of its activities in an environmentally sustainable way
All activities will be planned and managed to ensure minimum environmental impact

Think again……..

Some of the descriptive terms used in relation to incidents: severe water losses, gas bubbling was observed in hole, well caving, major problems, water inflow, 380m drill string and 33m bore hole assembly abandoned in the well, fault intercepted, “returns gained but big water losses”, leaking, hole collapsed from 16m, gas metre went into alarm mode “off scale”; hole spurting air and water; volumes of gas, cemented but would not hold pressure, well failed to clean up properly, caving clay & sand well collapsed, “gas detector not functioning but hydrocarbons can be smelled in the shaker area”, gas entering the mud column, presence of methane in mud returns, mud pits collapsing and losing mud, fracture stimulation, drilled into old river bed, “explosive cutters” required to remove casing.


NSW Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham has lodged a notice of motion in the Legislative Council and posted a YouTube video here.
The document above appears to be one on which he may have based some of the details contained in his motion.

* Author unknown

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