Friday, 30 May 2014

The Lies Abbott Tells - Part Eighteen


“If you start a course under one system you will finish it under one system….. If you start next year your conditions of study won't change. It's only for those who start when these changes kick in in 2016 who will have the different conditions applying to them.” [Tony Abbott quoted in The Daily Telegraph 21 May 2014]


A spokesman for the Department of Education told Fairfax Media: "Students who enrol in a Commonwealth supported place after 13 May 2014 will be charged under the existing arrangements until 31 December 2015. After this date they will be charged under the new arrangements, as determined by their university or higher education institution." [The Sydney Morning Herald 21 May 2014]

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John Fraser said...


Here's the Medicare "hotline" telling Aussies that there will be a Medicare $7 charge.

Before it has even been approved by the Australian parliament.

Abbott thinks because he gets away with lying he can do anything.