Saturday, 7 June 2014

Quote of the Week

If no-one in the entire process of preparing the prime minister’s weekly address to the nation could spot the problem with the politicisation and crass commercialisation of a D-Day Commmoration — including the prime minister himself — then we’ve got a serious problem here.
Yes, part of PMO’s job is the ensure a successful re-election, but that’s not it’s only job. If the place is staffed primarily, or perhaps even solely, by the grunt soldiers of the daily political battlefield, and if the PM is so tone-deaf that he can’t figure out what sort of communication is needed when, then who’s being the leader?
Who’s creating the vision for Australia’s future? A future beyond the end of tomorrow night’s TV news, I mean. Who’s creating consensus out of different viewpoints, and uniting us in effort to achieve that vision? Anyone? I suspect not. [ 2 June 2014]

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