Monday, 7 July 2014

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin's history written in the stars?

The Wire 3 July 2014:

Vladimir Putin may be a powerful and menacing leader here on Earth, but in the cosmos, he isn't getting such kind treatment. Ukrainian astronomers along with pro-Ukraine activists have gotten together to name a star "Putin-Huilo!" Huilo (sometimes spelled khulio) is a Ukrainian term which translates loosely to a combination of "dickhead," "fucker," and "asshole." So the name of the star translates to either "Putin is a dickhead" or "Putin is a dipshit," depending how you read huilo. 
The star was adopted through the Pale Blue Dot Project, affiliated with the White Dwarf Research Corporation. Pale Blue Dot allows anyone to adopt a star for just $10, and pick its name. The $10 donation goes to funding the research of astronomers seeking Earth-like planets. 

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