Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Over 9 months since he was sworn-in as Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and the Coalition Government he leads are increasingly unpopular with voters

The Australian 1 July 2014:

Support for the Abbott government is now 10 points below its election-winning vote nearly 300 days ago, with the Coalition not making any headway since the budget in selling its tough fiscal message.
The latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, shows voters have shifted to the Greens, Labor and independents.
For the fifth consecutive Newspoll, Labor is ahead of the Coalition in two-party terms and would comfortably win if an election were held today.
Based on preference flows from the last election, Labor has a 10-point lead in two-party terms to be ahead 55 to 45 per cent, the same result as in the first poll after the May budget. It marks a 7.5 percentage point swing since the election and the Coalition’s equal worst result in four years.
Voter dissatisfaction with Tony Abbott has reached the highest level since he became Prime Minister, 62 per cent, and is his worst personal result since November 2012….
Today’s Newspoll shows the Coalition’s primary vote fell two points in the past fortnight to 35 per cent, its lowest level since 2009 when Mr Turnbull was leader. It was 45.6 per cent at the September 7 election.
Labor gained one point in the past two weeks to 37 per cent and is almost four points higher than its disastrous election defeat.

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