Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Well we finally know who is going to organise Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott into his political coffin....

Photograph taken from The Australian article of 8 February 2012

The new President of the Senate, Liberal Party Senator Stephen Parry:

Graduation Certificate, Tasmania Police Academy.
Certificate in Mortuary Science, Australian College of Funeral Service.
Master Funeral Director, Australian College of Funeral Service.
Police officer 1977-86; Detective 1983-86.
Funeral director 1986-2004; Embalmer 1995-2004.
Member, Rotary Club of Ulverstone West from 1987; President 1992-93.
Member, Surf Lifesaving Australia; Club Captain, Ulverstone 1991-93; Chief Instructor, Burnie 1981-83.
National President, Australian Funeral Directors Association 2001-03.
National Chairman, Australian College of Funeral Service 1999-2000.
National Deputy Chairman, Australian Institute of Embalming 1996-97.
President, Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2000-04.
Director, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2000-04.
Elected to the Senate for Tasmania 2004 (term began 1.7.2005) and 2010.
Member, Liberal Party from 1980.
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