Friday, 15 August 2014

Liberal Party of Australia finally admits that Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a serial liar and supplies Internet link to examples

A tweet from @9NewsAUS on 10 August 2014 (which included this snapshot) alerted the twitterverse to the fact that the Liberal Party of Australia had finally accepted that Tony Abbott the politician is a serial liar and, that the party had decided to revel in this situation by redirecting to examples of these lies via IP

Clicking on this web address one is confronted with revolving screen:

Checking with on 10 August 2014 confirmed this redirection website was not a hack:

Domain Name:     
Last Modified:                13-May-2014 07:17:16 UTC
Registrar ID:                   Melbourne IT
Registrar Name:            Melbourne IT
Status:                             ok

Registrant:                      Liberal Party of Australia
Registrant ID:                  ABN 15217882958
Eligibility Type:               Other

Registrant Contact ID:           Z139995949925914
Registrant Contact Name:         dontchange
Registrant Contact Email:        Visit for Web based WhoIs

Tech Contact ID:                 Z139995949925913
Tech Contact Name:               Wys Tech
Tech Contact Email:              Visit for Web based WhoIs

Name Server:           
Name Server:           
Name Server:           

However, the tactic appears to have backfired because on 11 August a similar hosted website address displays this home page, copyrighted on behalf of the Australian Labour Party on or around 4 August this year:

Obviously the Liberal Party didn't have a forward thinker in the office the day it decided to only purchase - it should have also brought up, .net, .org and of course created when it had the chance.

A PC can sometimes develop a bad case of internet hiccups if users go to both the Liberal and Labor websites and then repeat the process without clearing the browser cache. :-)

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