Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Some of those Liberal Party nutters have escaped into the wild again

The Minister for Employment and Federal Liberal Senator Eric Abetz, Minister for Social Services and Federal Liberal MP Kevin Andrews, Federal Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, Victorian Liberal MLC Bernie Finn and Victorian Attorney-General and Liberal MLA Robert Clark are reportedly attending/supporting the World Congress of Families regional conference Families, Life And Freedom in Melbourne on 20 August 2014.

Abetz is hosting a lunch for conference speakers Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, Mrs. Louise Kirk and Dr. Larry Jacobs at Parliament House in Canberra on 28th August 2014, Andrews is opening and closing the conference, Clark is welcoming conference attendees to Victoria, Bernardi is apparently attending, while Finn is an invited speaker on the topic "Marching for the Babies"

Kevin Andrews has been a presenter at this conference on three occasions, the first in 1997 when his topic was “Rebuilding A Culture Of Marriage”.

The Mammamia blog team has listed a number of alleged views held by the group which organised this conference:

1. Women who take the pill lose interest in sex and are more likely to be the victim of violent assault and murder;
2. Women who take the pill are more likely to engage in incest;
3. Social policies should not promote single-parenting;
4. There's a link between abortion and breast cancer;
5. The sole purpose of sex is for procreation and an expression of love between husband and wife;
6. Vladimir Putin's draconian homosexual vilification laws that send LGBT Russians to prison are a 'great idea';
7. All forms of non-heterosexual sex is a sin and gay people should be converted to heterosexuality via Christian therapy;
8. The pill and other contraception can and does kill women all over the world, as well as babies;
9. Abortion, divorce and LGBT people are responsible for devaluation of parenting, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, poverty, human trafficking, violence against women, and child abuse.

A prevaricating Eric Abetz asserted there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, Kevin Andrews believes de facto couples are inherently unstable, Bernie Finn believes there is no acceptable reason for abortion, Cory Bernardi is stridently pro-life and believes legalising same-sex marriage could lead to legalisation of polygamy & bestiality and, Robert Clark refuses to give his views.

I'm not sure if Queensland Liberal National Party MP Freya Ostapovitch will be joining her colleagues at the conference, but in June this year she told state parliament that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. 


In the face of growing community opposition to state and federal politicians participating in this conference, Bernie Finn, Jan Kronberg, Cory Bernardi, Eric Abetz, Kevin Andrews and Robert Clark have stated they are not attending this event. The reason given by Andrews is that he is withdrawing because the venue was moved to premises owned by  Catch The Fire Ministries. Catch the Fire Ministries is one of the listed conference sponsors and apparently Mr. Andrews would like voters to believe that it was only on 29 August 2014 that he discovered its involvement.

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