Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Abbott 'Christian' Mafia Strikes Again

Sex workers, table-top dancers, strippers – possibly even artists’ models – are being discriminated against under this Abbott Government policy.

The Australian 7 August 2014:

Sex workers and table-top dancers who lose their jobs will not be eligible for a reduction in the number of months they have to wait before they can get the dole, sparking accusations the Abbott government is imposing moral judgments on the social welfare system.

Even unemployed people who claim they have worked by running for public office will have to wait longer than others to get the Newstart Allowance.

Welfare Rights has written a submission to the government, declaring its outrage at the “moral judgments” being made in new rules.

Other concerns raised by Welfare Rights in its submission include new rules that make unemployed people spend their savings — before the six-month waiting period for the dole even begins. Welfare Rights says the treatment of the Liquid Assets Waiting Period (LAWP) is particularly unfair.

Under changes unveiled in the May budget, those younger than 30 will be cut off the dole for six months. If they enrol in a course, they can apply for a lower welfare payment to study.
The waiting period for New­start will reduce depending on past employment. The reduction will be a month for every year of prior work, except for school leavers; otherwise no income support will be provided. Part-time employment would also be recognised on a pro-rata basis.

In the explanatory memorandum for the bill circulated by Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews, the waiting period for “gainful work” would operate differently for different categories of work.

“Gainful work is defined to mean any work for financial gain or reward,” it says. “As examples, the minister could provide that particular kinds of gainful work do not cause a reduced waiting period if the work: does not involve a substantial degree of consistent personal exertion; consists of domestic or gardening tasks in relation to the place of residence of the person or a member of their family; consists of the management of financial investments in which the person or a member of their family has an interest; involves nudity or is in the sex industry; or is for the purpose of achieving election of the person to public office.”

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