Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Abbott Code Explained - Part 2

The Abbott Code

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is prepared to consider the idea of a welfare card to determine how recipients spend their money. However, the government has ruled out quarantining income for everyone who receives welfare payments. [The Australian 31 July 2014]

Mr Abbott today said some welfare recipients were already subjected to “administratively cumbersome” income management [which quarantines 50 per cent of a person’s payment]. [The Australian 31 July 2014]

“Now I’m happy to look at better technology because where it is appropriate ... to have a system of welfare quarantining let’s try to make it work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.” [The Australian 31 July 2014]

Decoded Message

We are seriously considering reducing or entirely eliminating discretionary spending in relation to payments made to welfare recipients and, issuing everyone with an electronic welfare card instead of transferring money into their own personal bank accounts. 

Starting with those identified as Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander, the unemployed, disability support pensioners and parents with dependent children. 

This is a justified policy position because McClure et al and ‘Twiggy’ Forrest have both delivered reports to government suggesting widening income management is a jolly good idea.

Initially age pensioners and veteran’s will not be subject to these measures as their lobby groups can cause problems for us in the lead-up to the next federal election. 

We are confident that we can impose a cashless life on low-income individuals and families because we are going to put the word "healthy" or something similar in the bill we put before parliament in order to make this punishment sensible measure law.

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