Sunday, 7 September 2014

On the anniversary of the 7 September 2013 Australian Federal Election

Happy anniversary to a prime minister that was not universally liked to begin with and quickly became hated by many.

The Tony Abbott Song.........

Although this September 2013 song is satire, it is telling that at around 7:09 minutes into the video a member of the audience suggests killing Prime Minister Abbott.

In October that year this desire was being turned into calligraphy on Instagram.

By February 2014 he was being beheaded on stage by GWAR to cheers from the audience during the Soundwave tour.

While someone is squatting on a Facebook page titled Kill Tony Abbott and on another page one contributor suggested in May that; If every Australian donated just $1 we could have a private Hitman kill Tony Abbott anyone up for the job you will be WELL payed.

In June a page called Tony Abbott should be assassinated appeared.

Come July and one blogger was posting; Please kill Tony Abbott. No need to make him suffer. Just make him stop being alive. He’s hurting pretty much everyone. He’s happy about it. His actions benefit no-one other than handful of ultra-wealthy people who don’t really need him. He brings nothing good, kind or honest to the world, only selfishness and suffering.

And sentiments such as this were floating in cyberspace; Excuse me while I go kill Tony Abbott with a shovel and feed his corpse to a pack of dingoes.

As well as thissomeone kill Tony Abbott already. I know he has a family and that’s tragic, but he needs to be stopped.

A Google search this month reveals the term I hate Tony Abbott occurs 4,890 times and Kill Tony Abbott 13,800 times on the Internet.

Before November this year Abbott is taking delivery of an est. $500k custom made BMW capable of withstanding explosive devices and automatic fire from AK-47s or rounds from armour-piercing weapons.

By Christmas I expect to hear that he has hired two official food tasters to compliment his Close Personal Protection (CPP) detail which accompanies him everywhere.

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