Thursday, 18 September 2014

Prime Minister Abbott patronizes an Australian citizen who paid him the compliment of treating him as an equal

Ever the media whore, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott ignores the young boy's hand outstretched to shake his hand and patronizingly pats him on the head as he leers towards a camera about to give him one more image for publication in mainstream newspapers.

Abbott at Yirrkala NT on 14 September 2014
Picture AAP Source AAP via @rastus2009 and @chrismurphys 


John Fraser said...


Apparently Abbott can be heard during his time in the Arnhem Land asking for a "frothing latte" on one occasion, a mocca on another occasion and even later on a cappuccino.

Channel 10 appears to think this is somehow humorous while walking around in third world conditions in Australia.

Dusty,s web said...

Ignorance is as ignorance doesI doubt he has a genuine good bone in his body