Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The 'I Knows Nuffink' defence reaches the height of absurdity during NSW ICAC Operation Spicer hearing

An exchange between junior counsel assisting the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption Greg O'Mahoney and Queanbeyan property developer Lee Jay Brinkmeyer during an Operation Spicer hearing on 9 September 2014:

O’MAHONEY: Do you appreciate, Mr Brinkmeyer, that as a businessman who is spending company funds that you’ve written a $20,000 cheque to an organisation you know nothing about on the say so of a person whom you only have a mobile phone contact for without knowing precisely where the money’s going to go and having made no inquiries about where the money actually went, is that the effect of your evidence?
BRINKMEYER: Yeah. I mean, when you put that way - - -
O’MAHONEY: That’s it in a nutshell?
BRINKMEYER: When you put it that way it sounds bad but that’s - - -
O’MAHONEY: It sounds more than bad, Mr Brinkmeyer?
BRINKMEYER: That’s correct
O’MAHONEY: It sounds absurd, if you wouldn’t mind me saying?
BRINKMEYER: Well look, when I’ve made other donations in the past whether it - - -

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