Sunday, 7 September 2014

The warmonger is in...............

The Sydney Morning Herald 6 September 2014:

If there was some way Tony Abbott could squeeze himself into a camouflaged hi-vis outfit, he surely would. A fetching ensemble it would make too. Combat-ready battle dress in bright orange dessert warfare pattern to signal to Australia's mining billionaires that no matter how small the threat from a balanced tax system, he stood ready to go to war with everyone everywhere to distract our attention in their defence.

Abbott is not the first politician to beat the drums of war but there is something striking in the difference between his concern-trolling of the Islamic State (and Russia for that matter) and Barack Obama's reticence, caution and obvious care for the unintended consequences of intemperate action.....

BBC News 4 September 2014:

The growing list of military commitments has led to a lengthy debate in the Senate on whether Australia's federal parliament should be required to approve such deployments.

Analysts are also worried the nation could be trying to punch too far above its weight.

"It is hard to understand how a military deployment to Ukraine is in Australia's national interests given that we didn't have diplomatic representation there a month ago," said James Brown, a fellow at the Sydney-based Lowy Institute and former Australian army officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan,

"There is a real danger now that Tony Abbott finds himself over-committed with his use of military force. He came to power claiming a foreign policy that would be more Jakarta-orientated than Geneva-orientated," he warned.

"Now Australia finds itself contributing soldiers to a European war in Ukraine. It finds itself contemplating contributing significant forces to Iraq and Syria and all the while, we have still got issues in our region that we are responsible for if they flare up."

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Anonymous said...

We must throw out Abbott by whatever means we can.
He has and will always be an enemy of Australia.
This mans history and the continual lies are not befitting a leader.
And a leader he is not.
He does not speak for the majority of Australians and should be ousted this instance.