Saturday, 18 October 2014

A message for Yamba's funky hair studio Paul

Although it's  been quite a while between drinks at the table of knowledge at the local watering hole a quorum of members was in attendance today and, boy-oh-boy, it was a not-to-be-missed occasion.

Just one item was raised in general business and, golly gee, it was white-hot.

Long-time Yamba resident Cliff, who's been in town since the year dot, told the gathering he and his missus were absolutely blown away when they heard a local hair dresser was seeking to employ a backpacker at a local cut n curl salon.

Cliff says he and his good wife have drawn a line in the sand and will not be frequenting the place that hosts Paul who placed the ad on Gumtree until things change drastically.

Footnote: Cliff's missus reckons anyone who uses "coastel" is dead-set suss.

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