Friday, 3 October 2014

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's truly bizarre advisers - Example One

The Sydney Morning Herald 1 October 2014:

Tony Abbott's top business adviser says the Bureau of Meteorology is caught up in global warming politics and nothing short of an independent review will dispel suspicions of bias.
Maurice Newman, who chairs the Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council, is highly critical of the BoM's process of homogenising climate records.
Mr Newman questioned the way the bureau adjusts historical data, which he equates to manipulation of Australia's temperature records…..
Employing more than 1700 people and costing taxpayers $300 million a year to run, the bureau must "dispel suspicions of a warming bias", Mr Newman says.
"Trust in our national climate records is critical.
"Nothing short of a thorough government-funded review and audit, conducted by independent professionals, will do."

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