Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Troy Who? Potted profile of the new Deputy-Premier of New South Wales

Last week Andrew Stoner resigned as Leader of the NSW National Party and Deputy-Premier.

He was replaced by Troy Grant who has been in parliament for less than four years.

This is Mr. Grant, seen here with NSW Premier Mike Baird in the background:

So who is this new Deputy-Premier?

Based on his NSW Parliament member's disclosure form, own website and media reports, here is a potted profile.......

Troy Wayne Grant
* Age: Early 40s
* Married with two children.
* Resides at 10L Toorale Rd, Dubbo NSW.
* Home owner on a rural residential lot, with a $330,000 mortgage and a personal loan.
* Sole income appears to be parliamentary salary.
* Former NSW Police officer. Resigned from force in March 2011 after 22 years with rank of police inspector.
* Elected to NSW Parliament in March 2011 as the National Party Member for Dubbo.
* Appeared as a witness at the Special Commission of Inquiry concerning the investigation of certain child sexual abuse allegations in the Hunter region in 2013.
* Reportedly referred the Planning Assessment Commission's (PAC) approval of the Orange City Council's Macquarie River pipeline, to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in 2013.
* Became Minister for Gaming, Racing and Hospitality and Minister for the Arts in April 2014.
* Became Leader of the NSW National Party and Deputy-Premier in October 2014 – as well as Minister for Trade and Investments, Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services and Minister for Tourism and Major Events.
* He is recorded in the NSW Legislative Council Hansard as opening his mouth to speak a total of 200 times up to 16 October 2014 (including interjections).
* Like many politicians he indulges in gratuitous insults, such as I was happy to answer the first question because it would have been interesting to answer a question about muppets and puppets from a clown and go and get f — ed.
* Likes to blow his own trumpet, loudly and often.

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