Sunday, 30 November 2014

Coal seam & tight gas miner Metgasco Limited and community consultation

This is a snapshot from a Metgasco Limited 17 page ‘community consultation’ document dated March 2014:

So is this image a slice of the Berwyndale gasfield in Queensland and is it really a bucolic nivarna as suggested?

Berwyndale and the Undulla Nose gasfields are situated here:

The field configuration in the Metagasco snapshot does not match the Berwyndale South gasfield (left), but appears to be land sandwiched between that intensive gasfield and another to the north. Gas production on this land is apparently not yet fully developed and, the land itself may possible belong to the mining corporation holding the tenement.


By not precisely naming the gasfield and limiting the image in its community consultation document to a small number of paddocks, it looks suspiciously like an attempt by Metgasco to conceal the bigger picture in the Berwyndale area.


The 'community consultation' document also states that Metgasco has entered into:

More than 300 voluntary landholder agreements.

These 300 land holder agreements to date appear to cover less than 50 boreholes, 63 drill cores and only two gas sites (NSW Trade and Investment: Energy & Resource MinView) with one potential production well.

However, like its "suscessful co-existence" spin, all is not quite as the community is being told.

The Northern Star, 10 June 2014, Page 4:

When asked about the inconsistency between the claims, Metgasco CEO Peter Henderson said: "We have approximately 50 land access agreements for wells, the remainder are associated with seismic programs." 

Apparently Megasco believes that it is acceptable to fudge the facts during its alleged consultation process.

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