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Clarence Valley Council still ignoring water quality woes?

With the number of days with temperatures over 35°C predicted to increase and average Clarence Valley temperatures predicted to rise by up to 1°C commencing as early as five year's time, one wonders when Clarence Valley Council is going to face the fact that temporary flushing of street water pipes will not remain a solution for long - whether the cause is heat, loose sediment, low/slow river flow at the uptake site or high demand in urban areas.
Child's wading pool filled with 'green' tap water

Three excerpts from The Daily Examiner on 17 January 2015:

THE discolouration of Clarence Valley's water in isolated areas has been a recurring hot topic of conversation for more than a year, and the ongoing problem has affected at least one business.
Local company GDC Water Trucks had to refund a water delivery last week and replace it with another load, after filling an above-ground pool with water from council stand pipes.
"The pool guy said dump it and start again," business owner Trudy Clydesdale said.
"The water looked clear when it was coming out of the truck, but in large quantities it looked like mud."
They filled it from a different stand pipe hoping that would fix it but it didn't make much of a difference……
"The first pool we filled this summer was an in-built pool with a good filtration system so he just filtered it out.
"But those little pumps that come with the above-ground (pool) filters just don't cut it."
Clarence Valley Council yesterday advised GDC Water Trucks it would amend the water meter so they were not charged for the job, but fuel and labour would be on them.
"We're pretty happy. (The council) explained it is an issue at this time with the heat," Mrs Clydesdale said.
"He said they would come back over summer and they'll just keep flushing if need be."

TWO years ago, Kelly Clark used to brag to her friends and family interstate about how great the water was in the Clarence Valley.
Now the Iluka mum won't drink it, and is hesitant to bathe her son in it.
Earlier this week, Ms Clark filled up a paddling pool from the tap for her three-year-old son to play in to find the water was a brown-green colour.
"I've lived in the area for six to seven years and we used to have great water here," she said.
"Two years ago I filled the same pool up with crystal-clear water; last year it was slightly discoloured.
"I want to know what's happened in the last 16months. Why has it drastically changed?"
When she posted the picture on Facebook, it became clear she wasn't the only one experiencing water problems. "I've had heaps of (comments in my) inboxes and people sending me photos," Ms Clark said.
Facebook users wrote of water-quality issues in houses at Chatsworth Island, South Grafton, Junction Hill, Yamba and Grafton.
Many of those were saying they had turned to bottled water in favour of the discoloured tap supply, despite council assurances their supply was fine to drink……
"It doesn't seem right that we live in a western society, pay quite a lot for water and we can't even drink it.

CLARENCE Valley Council has confirmed no long term solutions are being considered for isolated water quality issues.
Council's director for works and civil Troy Anderson said council's water quality was regularly tested against all required guidelines and standards, and currently complied.
A report to Council regarding additional water treatment barriers was presented last November, but no further action was taken.
Mr Anderson said only three dirty water complaints had been received since the start of the year, and that in each case the mains were flushed until they ran clean.
If customers are experiencing water quality issues, they are requested to call Council on 66430200 so that the problem can be attended to. Council does not monitor social media.*


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  • * WARNING: If you make a complaint about poor water quality to Clarence Valley Council be prepared to be receive a letter/email stating any or all of the following - there is no current water quality problem/there have been no previous reports of dirty water in your street/ implying you not telling the truth.
    If you talk to the media expect that doubts will be sown concerning what you have said about water quality.

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