Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Just the sort of prime ministerial car required for driving among Australian crowds in 2015?

Is Prime Minister Tony Abbott harbouring a fear of the Australian populace so deep that he now needs an armoured car in each state and territory, plus a spare, in order to feel safe? Or does he just enjoy spending millions to bolster his perception of his own self-importance?

BMW 7 Series High Security: This is the world’s first armoured saloon to be fully compliant with the requirements for class VR7 ballistic protection (tested as per BRV 2009 guidelines)…..The optional Professional rear-seat entertainment system provides first-rate entertainment, with two 9.2-inch colour screens allowing the passengers to watch DVDs, follow the car’s progress via the navigation system or go on the Internet. The system is controlled via its own iDrive controller in the centre console. A special rear air conditioning system is also available, and the seat temperature too can be adjusted, with cool air being blown at the body through perforations in the leather. And to complete the relaxing effect, there is the optional new massage function in the rear-seat backrests. If space is the measure of all things, the long version continues to provide the ultimate comfort in terms of legroom.

The Sydney Morning Herald 14 January 2015:

Mr Abbott's new ride is one of nine BMW armoured cars the government has bought under a $6.3 million contract, replacing the 12-year-old prime ministerial limo fleet of customised Holden Caprices.
The BMW 7 Series High Security cars were first used at the G20, ferrying world leaders around Brisbane, but have been phased into regular use over the holiday period.
The new V-12 prime ministerial fleet will be spread across the country and, when not needed by Mr Abbott, will be available for visiting VIPs such as foreign leaders and dignitaries.

The prime minister will now be taken to his itineraries inside the fifth generation BMW 7 Series High Security car, equipped with VR7 ballistic protection standard that was tested under the BRV 2009 guidelines. The car can protect Prime Minister Tony Abbott from three highest risk factors - attacks using strong rounded objects and handguns of up to a calibre of .44 Magnum, attacks using the automatic AK-47 and attacks using explosive devices and armour-piercing weapons….
it can shelter the prime minister from three possible risky situations - street crime, organised crime and explosions….
The contract with BMW involving the current fleet was the subject of an argument between Labor and the current regime. Apparently, Holden was not considered to be awarded the contract, while it was found that BMW did not even enter a bid in the original tender. 16 January 2015:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott gets a fifth generation BMW 7 Series High Security car .…..
The vehicle has been built using strengthened steel that has also been backed up by an interior that is made from sculpted synthetic fibers that are hard and stated to be heat resistant. The new vehicle gets additional safety features like inclusion of tyres that remain inflated even when punctured, a self-sealing petrol tank, an attack alarm along with an intercom system that allows the occupants to communicate with people outside without having to open the doors.

Business Insider 16 January 2014:

Abbott pulled up in his new ride at the Prime Minister’s XI cricket match in Canberra on Wednesday. 

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