Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Moggy Musings [Archived material from Boy the Wonder Cat]

A bad business vibes musing: There are three rumours floating around the Northern Rivers at the very beginning of 2015. The first rumour has it that not all Elk Petroleum Ltd's significant shareholders are impressed by the financial management record of the company's new merger partner, coal seam gas explorer and wannabee production company Metgasgo Limited whose sole assets up to now have been exploration licences on the NSW North Coast. The basic question appears to be; how did Metgasco spend so much with so little progress to show for it? A second 'bad form' rumour places a senior Metgasco figure in the USA, in the lead up to the merger, badmouthing a former Metgasco director to anyone who would stop still long enough to listen. While the third rumour anticipates the current Metgasco managing director, CEO and shareholder being permanently sidelined in 2015 on the basis of his performance history.

A Fly free little bird! musing: On 31 December 2014 The Daily Examiner of Grafton NSW accidentally let a truncated version of its 2 January 2015 issue escape onto the Internet - giving Clarence Valley readers a good laugh once they discovered it flying free in cyberspace. The best rollicking response came from one wag in Yamba who emailed North Coast Voices: What a ripper! Gee, I'm disappointed ... it doesn't have the results for the Randwick races to be run tomorrow, 1st January! That's pretty slack.

A Metgasco musing: Sometimes it feels so good to be a cat. No a worry in the world and never tempted to stray into uncatlike realms. So when my live-in servant looks up stock prices I only ever prick my ears if there is seafood in the company name. Which means that I gave a big feline yawn when she looked at me, pointed to the screen and announced that a week out from Christmas coal seam gas miner Metgasco Limited's ordinary share price was sitting at an unimpressive 4.1 cents and it still can't proceed with its planned drilling at Bentley on the NSW North Coast.

An administration #FAIL musing: NSW Industrial Relations Commission, Monday 15 December 2014 2:00pm, Report Back via Tele Conference IRC14/833 - USU & Clarence Valley Council re alleged treatment of member.

An Eddie Obeid musing: Sydney Dowling Centre Local Court, 18 December 2014 9.30am, Mentions (Police), R v Edward Moses Obeid, Case Numbers 201400345493 & 201400345512.

A surveying musing: Some voters in the NSW Clarence electorate are wondering if Reachtel's early desire to find out which local political aspirants they might prefer in the March 2015 state election is being paid for by the National Party, as it tries to decide how much money to spend on the incumbent MP Chris Lazybones Gulaptis' re-election campaign.

An everyone speak up! musing: Word around the catnip patch is that Voices for Clarence had its official opening today. This Facebook page is a platform for people in the Clarence Valley to share knowledge and information in the Clarence Electorate ahead of the March 2015 NSW State Election. Get over there folks and start the ball rolling!

A this won't end well musing: Clarence Valley Council is on the NSW Industrial Relations Commission court list once again, Monday 1 December 20143:00pm Compulsory Conference IRC14/833 - USU & Clarence Valley Council re alleged treatment of member. Given the unhealthy corporate culture that appears to have developed since 2011 I can’t see this ending well for council.


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