Saturday, 31 January 2015

Quotes of the Month

In fact, the speeds promised by Malcolm Turnbull’s current NBN plans of 25 megabits per second will soon be defined by the US FCC as the bare minimum requirement of a broadband connection. [ 16 January 2015]

How times change for Tony Abbott, once the Jay Z of the party, he has been relegated to dad band status: everyone says they love it but don’t seem to want be anywhere near it. [The Guardian 18 January 2015]

“I’m a Liberal Voter through and through…and I’ll always vote Liberal. But I have to be honest and truthful with you Mr. Prime Minister, you’re on the nose with Liberal voters and that’s a real concern to me, because I don’t want to see you give the keys to Bill Shorten at The Lodge….and the way you’re going it’s going to happen…. "You're the world's worst salesman, Prime Minister….It’s the way you do things like the Medicare thing…education…all the backflips."
[“Andrew” a Liberal Party voter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott during a recorded 3AW radio Mornings segment]

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