Thursday, 22 January 2015

When cafe advertising goes wrong

So Mark and Judy Hackett have moved a coffee shop into Yamba Fair with the comment:

"Quite a lot of people have come in already and we have been told it's nice to have somewhere to stop in for a while at this end of town."

Really? There's nowhere else to stop and have a coffee and toast at Yamba Fair? Never has been? 

So Yamba Fair Take Away and Cafe has just been a mirage all this time?  Couldn't have possibly been a mirage as I and many, many others have frequented this one and only coffee shop in the centre for many years.  Great coffee, food and service and people is what we know it for.

We are blessed in Yamba to have such a wonderful cafe culture here and are spoilt for choice in quality cafes and eateries.  The new Toast will have to really be on its game to equal the wonderful cafes here and the one already established there. 

So, establishing we are counting...that's two coffee shops in Yamba Fair now, two places to “stop in for a while at this end of town”.

Celeste Warren

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